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About us

ACFEU is a company, that in the mind of globalisation unifies the creative potentials of innovative businesses of this world to develop innovative products, technologies and services for new markets. At this ACFEU has obligated itself to use the environment at the outmost intelligent and responsible measure, under regard of ethical and esthetical aspects, - for sustaining and increasing the quality of life for the individual, the society and for coming generations.

ACFEU (Agence Contact Franco Europe) is establishing project-oriented contacts between people, organizations, authorities and companies. Within our campaigns we establish contacts between our own clientele and companies from our companies-ensemble.

Through our campaigns and steady recommendations of our satisfied costumers our clientele is growing rapidly. They consist of:

  1. House owners in the regions Gulf of St. Tropez and Côte Varoise
  2. People from Austria, Germany and Switzerland with the intention to establish a secondary residence in the regions Gulf of St. Tropez and Côte Varoise
  3. German-speaking tourists, who have already discovered or want to discover this beautiful holiday area.

concerning 1 Via our Expert Advices our clientele of house owners in the regions Gulf of St. Tropez and Côte Varoise can receive competently details about maintenance, construction and face-lifting for their villas in German, English or French.

Logo of Company ensembles

If desired and after consultation those clients can use the Company Platforms to monitor the maintenance/construction/face-lifting activities and can take influence through dialog.

In Company Ensemble of the Gulf of St. Tropez that ACFEU set up in the past, well attuned company-groupings are presenting themselves, having already carried out assignments together.
The companies of this ensemble are characterized by reliability, skill and high-quality work when doing construction, maintenance and renovation of dream houses at the Gulf of St. Tropez and at the Côte Varoise. They are familiar with the on-site situation and through the professional selection of suitable construction materials and through friendships which have grown over the years among each other and with representatives of the municipal authority they have helped many satisfied clients - amongst them prominence and persons who have attained high positions in society - to construct, to furnish and to face-lift their villas.

Logo of the Premium-Group

ACFEU has selected companies from the Ensemble of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez for the Premium-Group. With this group we are carrying out a campaign of inspiration at the Gulf. Target-group are the local numerous house owners. The Côte d’Azur Team from ACFEU addresses the unique facets in personal talks. With each new added facet the attraction of the Premium-Group grows.

It’s a habitat that the renovation and facelift activities in this region begin at the end of the year. So one is now open minded and in search of new ideas, new trends and everything beautiful that align the domestic culture with the uniqueness of climate, land and people in highest possible perfection – in Premium quality.

The project Solaire Provençale with its world unique photovoltaic roof tiles opens the floodgates of the numerous Provencal villas and guarantees us full attention of their owners.With this resourceful concept of sun energy extraction the owners of the Provencal buildings can benefit finally from the feed-in regulation for architectonical house-integrated photovoltaic-systems.Up to now they were strictly excluded from the feed-in regulation because solar panels would disfigure the Provencal air. The „Solaire-Provençale“ sun energy extraction uses no panels but photovoltaic roof tiles in the traditional long-established shapes and colors.

concerning 2 With outgoing partner companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland we will start 2010 to organize house hunting tours to the regions Côte Varoise and Gulf of St. Tropez. Our Incoming-partner company Escale Marine Voyages (Ciotat) is in charge of the realisation of these trips.

In the last three years Deutsch-Finder International had located for all persons who can't speak French German-speaking service providers in the following lines:

For this Deutsch-Finder provides translated lists of ingredients at the bakery or confectionary as well as translations of menu cards and tariff lists. All those enterprises in the leisure package of Bormes les Mimosas / Le Lavandou / St. Tropez / Ste.Maxime / Gassin / Grimaud / Cogolin / Cavalaire signalize a warm welcome to German speaking people who can't speak French.They have agreed spontaneously to provide German language support written or spoken.

The Deutsch-Finder Team Côte d’Azur could assure themselves in the last three years of the hospitality and good customer service of those enterprises again and again and can warmly recommend the visit for all German-speaking people. The future house owners can evidently make use of the expert consultant platform from ACFEU. The seminars of the house hunting tours inform the participants about all aspects not only about the purchase but also about the time after the purchase. Through the general program with German language support the future house owners can make use of the whole spectrum of the cultural and commercial offers and can see for themselves that they don’t need to abstain from something because of the language barrier.

concerning 3 For the simple German-speaking tourist who doesn’t speak French ACFEU had conceived in cooperation with Deutsch-Finder International and Escale Marine Voyages (Ciotat) leisure tours which get organized by tour operators from Germany, Austria and Switzerland to experience the „Savoir-vivre” in the regions Gulf of St. Tropez and Côte Varoise impressively.

In addition to our clientele - composed of private persons (see above 1., 2., 3.) – we make contacts between companies, organizations and municipal authorities in order to plan, to develop, to produce and to distribute products which are not available but sought-after at the Côte d’Azur.

Logo des Provenzalischen Solarziegels

An example therefore is the development, production and distribution of our Provencalic Photovoltaic Roof Tile.
The millions unused square meters of Provencal roofs harbor immense potential of environment-friendly energy. The modern application of photovoltaic roof tiles allows all till now disregarded Provencal roofs to extract energy from the sun. As is known the Côte d’Azur has got 300 statistically days of sun. This so far not used energy harbors a potential of far more than 10 GW. The yearly production capacity of the 59 commercial used nuclear power plants amounts to circa 60 GW.
We from ACFEU recognized the great demand of photovoltaic roof tiles and their great importance to the environmental protection, specially the replacement of nuclear power plants and coal-fired power plants.ACFEU has drawn up a master plan for the purpose of development and production of photovoltaic solar energy plants which do not only satisfy the aesthetic feeling of the French population but also integrate the centuries old proven local construction culture with the modern comforts of applied science and technology.Within the master plan ACFEU has successfully inspired world's leading companies to apply accordingly their potential for the development of a photovoltaic roof tile. In further steps those components get partly modified and improved so that the result represents the desired photovoltaic roof tile with all its required characteristics. It should be mentioned that the final assembly and serial production will be carried out in France through French subsidiary companies of the project-involved parent companies.

Kanzlerin Merkel bei einer Verkostung von LeHa Produkten

ACFEU assists market introductions of products / services / systems which are available outside of France. For this ACFEU contacts contemplable costumers, users or distributors and points out in personal talks the advantages or specialties of respective products / services / systems. Generally ACFEU uses therefore translated and illustrated presentations.